Track Record

Dan has spent the last several years fighting for a brighter future for our community and has the track record to show he means business.

Alyssa’s Law for Student Safety

Requires all public and charter schools to have a mobile panic alert system named “Alyssa’s Alert” to activate during school security emergencies. (2020, HB 23, SB 70)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Requires the Department of Transportation, in coordination with the Office of Energy within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and other appropriate entities, to create a master plan for electric vehicle charging stations on the state highway system. (2020, HB 943, SB 7018)

Prohibitions on Ownership of Invasive Reptiles

Prohibits the possessing, selling trading, or breeding for personal use of green iguanas or black & white tegus. It would update the statute restricting the possession or trade of various reptiles by adding both the green iguana and the Argentine black and white tegus to the banned reptile list. Both of those species are non-native to Florida and are considered an invasive species. (2020, HB 1415, CS/CS/CS/SB 1414)

Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Students from McArthur High School in Broward proposed this legislation through the Democracy in Action program. This bill will require schools to provide mental health and suicide prevention hotline numbers to be included on the back of student ID cards to provide easily accessible help to those in need. I was proud to have Representative Marie Woodson as a co-sponsor on this bill. McArthur High School is located within her district. (2021, HB 489, CS/SB 590)

The ‘Parents Need to Know’ Act, Reporting of School Safety Issues

Requires schools to notify parents and staff within 24 hours when a threat or incident has taken place on campus and to include what actions were taken in response to the threat. These reports will be anonymous in nature and will not include any identifying information. This bill will also create a hotline and an online reporting system for parents to report school safety issues. (2021, HB 951, CS/SB 590)

K-12 Students Water Safety and Swimming Certification

Florida has the highest drowning rate among children in the nation. This legislation aims to promote swimming safety lessons by asking parents of children entering school to confirm if their child has had swimming lessons, and providing options for low to no cost lessons if not. (2021, HB 1119, SB 1028)

Student Internships Tax Credits

Encourages businesses to provide our students with opportunities to advance their knowledge and experience, preparing them for a career or trade after college. This tax credit program will benefit all parties. Florida businesses will be incentivized to seek diverse, new talent and college students will be able to receive hands on training in their area of study and be provided an opportunity that they may not be able to afford otherwise. (2021, HB 531, CS/SB 7061)

2021 Local Water Management District Bills

CS/HB 1495 Coral Springs Improvement District
CS/HB 1499 Pine Tree Water Control District
CS/HB 1501 Sunshine Drainage District
CS/HB 1503 North Springs Improvement District

These bills revise the election method for the board members from election by landowners on a one-acre/one-vote basis by electors of the District. These bills must be approved by electors in a referendum to be held during the 2022 general election. By moving to popular (1 person/1 vote) elections. If approved, this legislation will increase the accountability and transparency of these districts.

Florida National Guard Memorial

Urges Congress and the National Guard Bureau to provide our citizen-soldiers the adequate relief and support they require to continue meeting their mission goals by increasing the force structure allocation. Florida is the third most populous state, and yet it ranks 53rd out of the 54 states and territories in the Guardsmen-to-Citizen ratio. In just the past year and a half, due to COVID-19, the Florida National Guard has expended the same number of workdays as it has in the past 20 years. The Florida National Guard needs proper troop numbers based on the size of our state and propensity for natural disasters. (2022, HM 505, SM 826)

Sales Tax Holiday for ENERGY STAR & WaterSense Products

Provides a sales tax holiday on ENERGY STAR appliances and Water Sense. The sales tax holiday will be on Earth Day and the following weekend (April 22th-24th, 2022) to financially assist homeowners in their efforts to conserve water and electricity. (2022, HB 201, amended into CS/HB 7071)