On the Issues

Expand Healthcare

Healthcare costs are rising rapidly, and too many Floridians are struggling to get access to the care they deserve. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must bring prescription drug prices down, expand Medicaid, improve care for older Floridians, and work to offer high quality, affordable healthcare to all.

Improve Education

Florida’s public schools are struggling, and we cannot get in the way of opportunities for future generations. It’s time to increase teacher pay, fully fund our schools, reform curriculum, and ensure that every child has the opportunities they deserve. We should also make higher education more affordable, especially by rewarding those who choose to serve our community.

Decrease Gun Violence

Dan grieved with the families of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy and is committed to ending the scourge of gun violence. We must address mass shootings and all types of gun violence by enacting common sense reforms like universal background checks, controlling the sale of ammunition, and banning especially dangerous weapons. All of this must happen simultaneously with improving school safety and restricting the prevalence of guns in our public spaces.

Fight for Equality & Equity

Our democracy is under attack, and we need to protect voting rights and representation here in Florida. Black lives matter, and we need to protect communities of color from being impacted by malicious legislation. Republicans are also working to undermine Roe v. Wade and we must protect reproductive rights. The LGTBQ+ community deserves the same protections under the law as everyone else. In every case where a community is targeted or will feel disproportionate impacts, it’s our responsibility to stand up, speak out, and enact change.

Protect the Environment

South Florida is ground zero for climate change, and we need to work now to ensure future generations can still enjoy everything Florida has to offer. We must make our development more sustainable while addressing pollution, promoting green energy, and investing in long-term resiliency. We can also create good, high paying jobs through a forward-thinking green economy.