Promises Made, Promises Kept

In 2012 we promised to work on Economic Development, Public Safety, and Investing in Our Community!

We have had tremendous success, but must continue to work for the betterment of Coral Springs!


Economic development is more important now, than ever. It is imperative that we are doing all we can to boost our local economy so that we are ahead of the curve as the national economy continues to rebound. We must do all that we can to bring new businesses to Coral Springs, but we also must work with our existing businesses to ensure their continued growth and success in our community.

Since being elected in 2012, I have worked hard alongside my colleagues to pursue economic development opportunities at all levels. As an example, the City approved disbanding the Economic Development Foundation and brought the economic development arm of the City back in-house. This move has proven helpful to existing and potential new businesses as it allows the City to be a one-stop-shop for all business-related issues.


The primary concern of government is the safety of its citizens. While Coral Springs has always prided itself on safety and security, we are a growing city with growing city problems. Our first responders have performed well for us with notably quick response times. We need to make sure they have the best equipment available. They put their lives on the line for us each day. We need to take care of them, so they can continue to take care of us.

Since 2012, I have worked with my colleagues to ensure that we are providing the latest equipment, training, and support so that our first responders are some of the best around. To that end, I am proud to report that both our police and fire department have received numerous recognitions for their preparedness, ability, and response  to emergency situations. As a matter of fact, the Coral Springs Fire Department has been recognized as the top department in the State of Florida.


Coral Springs has always been a shining example of how a city should operate; a community kept in pristine condition for the enjoyment of all residents. As the economy turned, rightfully so, our attention moved to maintaining the most critical city services, while cutting less vital services. As the economy has rebounded, we have worked hard to reinvest in the community (and will continue to do so).

We must continue to spruce up our buildings, parks, and other city facilities so that we are ready for an influx of new residents who are looking for somewhere to relocate. The other advantage of cleaning, fixing, and replacing tired and worn city entities is to revitalize the citizenry with a sense of pride in the community. If the city starts taking better care of our roadways, medians, parks, and facilities so too will residents with regard to their own property.




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